Knowledge is Power

Our editorial Policy is driven by our mission of knowledge and information is power. At Kass Media Group, we offer high-quality programming with relevant content to our listeners and viewers with the aim of informing and keeping abreast with the current affairs both local and international. Kass Media Group is also keen to entertain its listeners via music, culture, and social programs.

We believe in liberating and empowering our society or community through the provision of timely, accurate information on aspects such as economic, social, environmental, and political that touches on their daily livelihoods.

As a Media Group, we are committed to reporting facts and in all situations avoid the use of emotive terms or language. We aim to report objectively in all our broadcasting. We provide accurate, clearly sourced accounts of events as they occur and wherever they occur.

We do not take sides and attempt to reflect in our stories the views of all sides. We are not in the business of glorifying one side or another or of disseminating propaganda. Kass Media Group producers/presenters do not offer their own opinions and views in their individual presentations.

Our broadcasting is not driven by what other media organizations are saying about a story. We do not asses a story’s importance by measuring the prominence it is given elsewhere.

In principle, we aim to provide our audience with balanced reporting.

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